The House of Gargamel


Contact data:

Arleta Kalinowska
Żelazno 32a
57-361 Żelazno

tel (+48) 74-868-91-00
mobile (+48) 508-133-665



on marked routes of various mountain ranges: Table Mountains ( Szczeliniec Wielki, Błędne Skały), Bystrzyckie Mountains, Bardzkie Mountains, Owl Mountains, Bialskie and Snowy Mountain (1425m)

Ski resorts in winter

- Czarna Góra 36 km, Kamienica 32 km, Zieleniec 40 km

Bike tours

- beutiful or challenging bike routes

Swimming Pools

Access to swimming facilities various pools, aquaparks and spas

Horse riding

- plenty of possibilities


in many fisheries, the nearest to the house 3km behind the mountain, through the forrest


to Holy Mary Sanctuaries: Maria Śnieżna, Maria Wielisławska, Wambierzyce, Bardo ..


in Kłodzko, Bystrzyca Kłodzka and various Spas: Polanica, Kudowa, Duszniki i Lądek Zdrój

Vast outdoor

- great for painting

A great place to rest with nature

Nature parks, fishery, endemic flora and great locations for precious stone collectors - many old quarries.